• Appetizers

    • Alfredo Cheesy Bread


      A delicious sourdough roll cut open and slathered with alfredo sauce and cheese.

    • Buffalo Wings

      $9.00 / $12.00

      La Nova Buffalo wings. 6 wings / 12 wings

    • Cheese Garlic Bread


      To our traditional garlic bread we add a layer of mozzarella.

    • Chicken Wings

      $8.00 / $11.00

      Served with side of ranch dressing or BBQ sauce.

    • Garlic Bread


      Fresh garlic, extra virgin Olive Oil, with a dash of parmesan cheese and hand crushed tomato.

    • Garlic Knots


      Dough tied into knots, baked then painted w/ garlic, EVOO, herbs and cheese. Comes with dipping sauce. Order comes with 4.

    • Garlic Knots


      Knot your traditional garlic twists.

    • Pesto Bread


      Our Traditional Garlic Bread with Pesto added to the top.

    • Pesto Bread


      Pesto and Ricotta cheese is blended then spread on sourdough bread with lite mozzarella, tomato and toasted.

    • Soup

      Cup $5.00 / Bowl $7.00

      Minestrone and Soup of the Day.

    • Traditional Garlic Bread


      Caramelized garlic and olive oil is the base for this traditional bread we add a little squeeze of tomatoes and fresh herbs to top it off.